Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's Been Awhile

It really has been awhile, though. Unintentionally. It's true I was definitely busy with moving back to my house in Akron and starting school, but the real problem was that my router broke so I had no internet last week. Well, actually it's still broken... I'm just at my parents' house and they do have internet!

Anyways, it's been an eventful first week. I've unfortunately watched the sun rise (I am not a morning person), I had to do 85 sketches in one day (and that was just for one class), and I've already had to have my car jumped twice (once by an instructor!)

Well, I'm too tired to edit photos, so I'll leave you with this old image I found. I put together this outfit years ago when I was just starting to not exclusively wear T-shirts and jeans. What do you think? I still like the dress, but gosh, those shoes. Bleh. No.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Butterfly Rainforest

Not really outfit pictures, but one of the most beautiful places we (Papaw, Catherine, and I) visited while in Florida was the Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History. I could have sat there for hours (actually, I think I did!). It must have been at least 100 degrees in there because it was much hotter than the 90-something temperature outside. There were so many butterflies though! I've been in other butterfly rainforests and I've just never seen one so populated with butterflies--it was an almost ethereal experience. I could almost imagine living in a place like that (minus all the other people, of course!).

Aside from the beautiful butterfly exhibit, the rest of the museum was actually very nice. I absolutely love natural history museums and this one was very cool and had some great exhibits. There were some fossils of the mouths of ancient sharks that, when open, were taller than me! Definitely a fun day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Dress - Lace Affair // Scarf - Cato's // Shoes - Hot Cakes

I'm still really tired after flying back from Florida yesterday and I actually typed "Hot Pockets" instead of "Hot Cakes." Ha. Yeah, I need sleep. Anywho, I'm back. Unfortunately. And it is DANG cold here! The past several weeks I've been in 95+ degree weather and it was only in the 60s today. (My mom even had on fuzzy socks!)

Well, these are pictures from Florida--I still have a few sets left to post. These are from Micanopy, a very very cute town in Florida. It's full of antique shops and art galleries! The funny thing is I really wanted to go back to Micanopy (I went several years ago), but I couldn't remember the name of the town. When we arrived at our destination I looked out the window and realized . . . this was the place I wanted to visit again! How convenient.

Anyways, like I said, I'm super tired. So, I'm off to bed!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Scarf

Pictures by Catherine

Dress - Corey P. (JCPenney) // Belt & Shoes - Body Central // Scarf - Cato's // Watch - Flea Market

I only have a few days left in Florida, but it's been fun. Although I will definitely miss the 90 degree weather here, I'm ready to get back and see my family.

Anyways, I am very excited with how well these pictures turned out. I have my sister, Catherine to thank for that. I still need to get the camera all set up for her, and sometimes she doesn't always get the right part of the image in focus, but I think she's doing quite a marvelous job!

Well, I'm off to an auction with Catherine and Papaw!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tarpon Springs

Shirt - Merona (Thrifted) // Skirt - Maurices // Shoes - Hot Cakes // Necklace - Claire's
Thanks, Catherine for taking the photos of me!

So yeah, these are pictures from Florida (My sister and I are visiting my Papaw). Know what that means? I'm all caught up on old photos!! At least I'm assuming I am. You know, at this point I'm not going back to check. I've really wanted to improve the quality of the photos on my blog, so I'm really excited to be done with the older photos and start posting new, hopefully better, ones!

Anyways, these are from Tarpon Springs in Florida--a rather fun, beautiful, place. This was the one place I was really looking forward to visiting on this trip since the last time I went was 10 years ago! Tarpon Springs is a beautiful little tourist town with dolphin watching, sponge diving, and the largest Greek population compared to any other city in the US.

We went out on a boat to watch a guy sponge dive--very fun. After that we just walked around the town and visited a bunch of family owned shops. I bought some lilac goat's milk soap which, I must add, smells amazing. Later, we drove to the less touristy area and walked through several antique shops. One in particular had a very large WWII section with uniforms, weapons, letter...etc. Busy day! But very fun :) Hope summer's going well for all of you!