Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello, Sweetie

Dress - Hot Topic // Cardigan - Old Navy (Thrifted) // Belt - Wet Seal // Socks - Walmart // Shoes - Hotcakes

I've posted my Doctor Who costumes before, but I had yet to buy actual everyday wear related to Doctor Who. That, my friends, is no more. I was at Hot Topic a few weeks ago with one of my friends from Akron and I saw this dress. Normally I'm hesitant to buy fandom shirts and such 'cause well . . . I don't really wear t-shirts that much. (side note: I did, however, buy a Supernatural shirt too. I have no idea when I'll wear it but . . . it was half off and . . . it was Supernatural.) But yeah, a dress I will definitely wear! I love that the colors are black and white too 'cause it should be easy to remix. Of course, I feel like the only color I should wear it with is Tardis blue, haha.

Anyways, if you haven't checked out Doctor Who yet . . . do it. Granted the first season is not my favorite, but if you prefer continuity I'd start with the first season (trust me it just gets more and more awesome). I actually found this show 'cause I'd been watching Primeval (another British show) and Doctor Who was supposedly a competitor show. Honestly, I'm not sure which show I like better 'cause they're both pretty awesome! Although, I'm only halfway through season 7 of Doctor Who at this point so no spoilers!

Probably my favorite episodes are the ones with the weeping angels (or basically anything written by Steven Moffat). I can't decide on a favorite Doctor though. What about you guys? Any favorite episodes?

Update: I just found the Just Being Molly and I'm linking up with her #fundaymonday link-up!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Sunday

Dress - Fleet Collection (Also available at Modcloth) // Cardigan - J. Crew (Thrifted) // Belt - Wet Seal // Shoes - Payless

So it's a few days after Easter now--I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This was probably the funnest holiday I've enjoyed in awhile! There was a great service in the morning. And the ham for dinner was fantastic . . . aaand, that's basically all I remember. The ham. It was good. Anyways, I did have to do a bit of homework, but the rest of the day I spent playing dutch blitz with my mom and my aunt. If you haven't played before, it's pretty fun (you can check out the website here). I think it's funny though 'cause every time I play I completely forget the rules and the game has to be completely re-explained to me. I usually catch on pretty quickly though (I would hope so since I've played before!). So yeah, fun game.

How was your holiday weekend? Tell me about it!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Friday

Dress & Belt - American Living (JCPenney) // Cardigan - Express (Thrifted) // Shoes - Payless

Not the best picture, yesterday was a bit crazy and I didn't get back 'til after dark. Anyways, I don't want to detract from how important of a day yesterday was. I went home for the weekend and was able to go to church with my family for the Good Friday service there. It was a wonderful service with very worshipful songs! I hope y'all enjoy your Easter weekend :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer Plans

Dress - H&M (Thrifted) // Belt - Cato's // Necklace - Pat Catan's // Tights - Walmart // Shoes - Refresh // Ring - Thrifted

Believe it or not I'm still working on Spring cleaning. Last week it was warm and I had time to clean . . . and now there's a random snow storm. I do not feel like doing anything. Or anything besides curling up under a blanket with a heater, a cat, hot chocolate, and Netflix. Strangely I've actually been fairly productive today. Been working on finding a summer job. Maybe if I get one out in Akron I can keep working there through next semester. Although . . . I would love to get a job in Geneva-on-the-Lake since it's such a kitschy, but cute place. 

Oh! I did actually have a job this past semester. I don't think I really talked about it here. Anyways, I taught Akron After School programs at a few different school in Akron. So for a few months I was a Kitchen Art Teacher. The program ended for the semester (just in time for finals too!) and now I need to find something for this summer! Because I have . . . no money. 

Well, I'm happy to make summer plans especially 'cause it's so dang cold and nasty outside :( Hope the weather's better you all are!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Dress - Corey P. // Belt - Cato's // Tights - Target // Shoes - Refresh // Cardigan - Forever21 (Thrifted)

So guess what I've been up to . . . Spring cleaning! It's gonna take awhile to get through everything, but I want to make sure I'm doing a good job. I'm not just cleaning though, I'm also organizing everything. And throwing a lot of stuff away. (Of course I'm passing usable items on to people who can use them) Is it sad that I'm actually really enjoying this? I LOVE THROWING STUFF AWAY! Last week I went maybe a little overboard and had to dig something I actually needed out of the trash can this morning. That's right, I went dumpster diving in my own backyard. Well, driveway.

I don't know what it is about Spring ( know, not Winter) but I just feel so much more productive and energized! Usually I don't get much done on Tuesdays and Thursdays just 'cause I'm so tired. But with the weather getting warmer I'm just getting so much more done!

I'll leave you with a picture of my un-brushed, un-bathed horse in his totally gorgeous winter coat :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

13 Month Blogiversary

That's right, it's been exactly 13 months since I began blogging! (Also, I'm exactly one entire month late with this blogiversary post...but we'll forget that happened, right?) It's been a great and crazy year, and now that the weather's nice again I look forward to take pictures out in the woods again!! And doing some fun stuff.

Anywho, let's see what happened all this past year!


So, March was when I first decided to blog and you can see my very first post here. I started out wearing pants a lot (seen here) and now I just have a bunch of jeans that I don't wear that much anymore. Oh well, I'll probably wear them eventually. Anywho, even though I wore a lot of jeans, I knew I eventually wanted to wear dresses and skirts more. And here is probably my first foray into wearing dresses. Not that great, but not that bad either. I wouldn't wear this nowadays, but yeah you can see where I was attempting to go with my style!


Although Easter was technically in March of last year, I didn't post until April. Here you can see my love of the 1950s showing, even though this outfit still needs a lot of work! I think it was suggested in the comments that I wear a peach cardigan. And, while I agree, I think I only had like a black cardigan and a gray one at that point. I now not only have a peach cardigan...I now have a lot of different colored cardigans. Makes life (and getting dressed in the morning) easier.

Also, in April, I took a week off of school to go down to Massanutten resort in Virginia. Gosh, this place is really fun! I think I wore mostly pants that week, but still got one dress in there. On a random note, I finally replaced those black combat boots! They may have looked cute, but they were way too small! (Clearance for $5 is my excuse...) Anyways, that was a really fun vacation and I'm glad I get to go back and read about it!


In may I wore a few dresses again and attempted, for the first time, to let my hair go natural. That...did not go well. I mean, I guess it looks alright here, but yeah I wasn't ready to go curly yet. In other news, I finished my first year at the University of Akron in May and went on a business trip to California with my dad and sister in May! I got to go to a lot of the same places I did before when I was in California the first time and retake pictures--so fun! I miss California now :( Oh! And in California we got to go to the Winchester house...again. Gosh, that place is SO cool. 


Nothing too eventful in June. I tried to go running. That...did not go well. I also volunteered at Hannah's Home. I drove back up to Akron for a Bible study. Aaaand.... Oh! My Papaw was in town, so we went to a bunch of antique places and auctions! As you can see, I'm wearing dresses a lot more this month.


In July I wrote my 100th post! And did a bunch of super fun things! We went boating, to see the Tall Ships in Cleveland, and I went to DC (again) on a road trip! Looking back, I think this was one of the funnest months last year. Some of my favorite memories are from July! I wore a lot of 50s inspired things this month. and lots of red lipstick!


Very busy month, August. Camp Friedlanderbeach vacation and going back to school. I hadn't been to camp in years, and it was so fun to finally to actually enjoy a week at camp! Also, my family hadn't been on a beach vacation in yeah, very very fun. I was not looking forward to school starting, but it was a decent semester and now I'm halfway done!!


School. Although I did get to go to the titanic exhibit at the Cleveland Science Center and that was fun. I remember being sick most of the month. Oh yeah, I started getting sick during the beach vacation... Haha, I just found this post. Apparently I was so tired I put a pair of shoes in the fridge. What's even funnier is that I just put a pair of boots in the freezer, on purpose, to stretch them out (it actually works--check this out).


More school. And more sickness. Also, Halloween. So some good stuff! For a Halloween party I dressed up as Erza Scarlet (from Fairy Tail, my favorite anime) and at school I dressed up as Amy Pond from Doctor Who. Also, I think this is the month I decided to let my hair go natural. It was...interesting for awhile.


School + sick. Surprised? Apparently my immune system is not that great. Two cool things in November though. I did a ton of research and finally bought a DSLR, a Pentax K-30 (It's water sealed, guys. It's amazing). And also...lipstick. I was watching a Doctor Who episode one day, liked Clara's lipstick, and went out and bought some as close to her color as I could find. L'Oreal Saucy Mauve. The verdict? I'm still wearing that color! I love it! Oh, and Thanksgiving.


School finally let out for winter break! I was also still sick though, of course. I went down to Florida briefly. That was pretty fun! I got to see a bunch of antique cars at Don Garlits too!

January 2014

Back to school. But not as sick though. Mostly posted about Florida.


School. And I tried to get back into the swing of things with


School. And I think I was sick a little bit this month, but not too much. I've been in relatively good health this semester! Also, a lame attempt at a blogiversary post. Buuuut, you can see my crazy curly hair now! I actually really like it now :)


April? Well, that's now, actually. So you'll have to keep reading to find out what happens! Thanks so much to all my readers :) You guys are awesome! It's been so fun writing this blog and seeing how much my style has changed over the past year. And I've had so much fun following along with your blogs as well :) Hope this next year is just as great as the last one!