Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Running is Bad for You

Dress - Max Studio // Shoes - Forever21

So I went running today for the first time in...well basically forever. Now I know I desperately need to exercise, but I just don't think running is for me. As much as I dislike exercising in general I always enjoyed gymnastics, karate, and fencing when I did those activities. And I never ever once enjoyed running. Anyways...back to my original point. My mom asked me to go running for just one mile with her. Seriously one mile sounds way too long to me (obviously I have so much endurance.) And I don't even have any shoes (well haha I have TONS of shoes...just no running shoes) so she's scrambling around trying to find me some to wear. I ended up with some goofy, huge, white tennis shoes. There's the first problem. I look and feel ridiculous. That wasn't the core problem obviously. But seriously, knowing that I already looked ridiculous just made things worse. I'd also just jumped on the trampoline for like a half I totally count that as fun exercise.

Once we started running I immediately thought wow...this was NOT a good idea. I'm a fast runner, but I have absolutely no endurance whatsoever. I could beat anyone in the 25 foot sprint if there was such a thing. And due to my family's ridiculously long driveway I was basically out of breath by the time we got to the mailbox. ...and then we still had a long way to go. Laura, my sister, came with us (she'd just gotten back from a 4 mile run and was totally ready for another mile...geez, some people) and she just kept up with us and encouraged us. Well, it actually ended up that Laura would encourage mom, and I would vent my frustration by yelling at Laura. It was a great system, really. (I have a very sarcastic family, so there was no real yelling--just sarcastic comments really.) I laugh when people say they love running though. It's actually really horrible.

When we got back to the house I felt basically dead. And I had to hurry and shower so I could get to the feed store before it closed (I was almost out the door when mom made me go running with her). I felt so disgusting even after my shower--I couldn't tell if I was just damp from my shower or just super sweaty still. My necklace wouldn't even hang right because of the sweat--it just kept sticking! And by the time I got to the feed store I felt like I'd lost all control of my basic motor skills 'cause I kept almost dropping my keys and my money...blah. My mom has already insisted that I go running with her tomorrow...she's so funny sometimes.

There! And now you know how absolutely out of shape I am. And this is obviously not what I wore while running--I just threw this on before I left for the feed store. It was awesome taking pictures in these sandals too! They were so gross and muddy after just a few pictures! Oh well. They cleaning up all right. Anyways...thanks for reading and I hope y'all have a wonderful day! And I hope you're more in shape than I am! What do you do for exercise? Are you one of those weird people who likes to run? Any great exercise stories?

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