Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Dress - Thrifted // Shirt - Body Central // Necklace - Walmart // White Sandals (Not Pictured) - Montego Bay

My family doesn't really do birthday parties that much. Eight kids, ya know, and that's not fun to have that many birthday parties in one year!!! Especially 'cause almost all of our birthdays are in June. If you read my blog this past month, there were a lot of birthday posts! And even some days when there was a birthday and I just didn't post about it! But, now that my dad's birthday is over we're done until July!!! Wow, that was a busy month. Anyways, back to birthday parties. Even though we don't do parties every year, we still get a couple. 6, 10, 13, 16, 18, and 21 are the years we get big birthday parties. I remember as a little kid thinking it was weird that some of my friends got birthday parties every year and I didn't. But it was pretty early in life that I actually appreciated only having a birthday party every few years. It made it more special and fun to plan. I really like what my family does with parties and I hope to one day continue the tradition with my own family! I mean, we still celebrate every year. But, it's just not a huge party.

I remember I almost had a luau theme for my 10th birthday, but my mom gave me a choice between a luau party and extra presents. ....Guess what I chose.... She was awesome for letting my make my own decision though. We had decorations left over from some other winter party so we just used those. Shows what I really was concerned with when I was 10 'cause even then I hated winter. So yeah, a winter party in the middle of winter. I loved it (not really. I mean it was a fun party, but come on... a winter theme? Really? Who wants a winter party...in the middle of winter?). But, I got extra presents so it was totally worth it.

We finally got a luau party though. My sister, Catherine, had her 13th birthday party yesterday. Honestly, I can't believe she's 13! Now we have 4 teenagers in the house. And, well I'm sad I can't be counted among them anymore. I really liked being a teenager. Back to the luau party. It was really fun decorating for this 'cause we got a bunch of cheesy decorations from Dollar Tree :p We strung paper lanterns up, wrapped some Christmas lights around the deck. And well, you can see some of the decorations in the pictures. And I made a pineapple cake! It was perfect 'cause it fit the luau theme. And...my sister loves Psych. If you don't know, there's a hidden pineapple in every episode of Psych. So yeah, this cake fit the theme very well. I know I haven't put any pictures of my cakes on my blog before, so I don't think this is particularly my best cake or anything. But, considering my time crunch, I think it turned out alright! Normally I do cakes the night before. Usually all night before. And I've had some cool ones. But, this was actually done before and even a little during the party! Yeah, very last minute!

So what does your family do for birthday parties? Every year? Occasionally? None? Have you had a favorite theme? I'd love to hear from you!

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