Saturday, June 1, 2013


Shirt - American Eagle (Thrifted) // Skirt - Thrifted // Belt - Cato's // Scarf - Thrifted // Shoes - Faded Glory

So I totally forgot to take outfit pictures until I got home later in the evening. And it started raining really hard. I got the pictures during a torrential rain at dusk but it let up a few minutes which gave me enough time to take a few pictures by the waterfall. I know the lighting's weird...but ya know it's kind of cool actually! And I just noticed I have an almost entirely thrifted outfit on. Cool!

Anyways, I had so much fun today! I went with my Aunt and Papaw to a bunch of fun places! First we stopped at a church sale. There wasn't too much stuff there. But, there was one guy who bought a truckload of antique furniture! At first I was just looking 'cause every time I saw vintage furniture it was always way out of my price range. I like looking, but it would be so much more fun if I could actually own some vintage furniture for once. Well, I thought I misread the sign at first but it turns out that he was selling the furniture at really discounted prices. I got a set of 4 1920s chairs for $15! What? Yes! $15! Granted, they need a little work and some re-gluing, but seriously $15 for a set of antique chairs! The prices were so good that I went ahead and bought a 1930s chair, a 1930s stool, and a groovy 1960s chair. I'm so so so excited about this furniture! Aside from a small couch, this will be the the first furniture I've purchased for my house! Sorry no pictures yet, after I bought the furniture we left for a flea market and I just had dad pick it up for me. The furniture is still in the big van right now.

The flea market ended up being pretty cool, but nothing in my price range. There was, however, a vintage clothing booth that I thought was really awesome. I almost bought a pair of vintage, cognac, leather gloves but they were too small :( I did find out that the owner of the booth had an etsy shop ClevelandsRetroShop. Check it out!

There were a couple of antique stores near the flea market, and we stopped there for a few minutes. At one I bought some old X-Men comic books and several vintage car ads! Wow, I could not stop looking through those vintage car ads--I wanted every single one! I loved them all :) But, I narrowed it down to five. Any ideas on how frame a vintage car ad? I want to hang them around my house. I didn't buy anything at the second antique store, but there were some chairs that I may go back and get. They were apparently the exact same chairs that were in the house when my mom and aunt grew up! The pattern is a little loud, but I love it--especially since it has so much sentimental value! There was also this great 1955 Musaphonic radio that I almost bought. And this awesome plug in alarm clock. For some reason I didn't buy that either. I really wish I had, but I hesitated (probably 'cause I don't have a I guess it's good I save money right now). Oh, and I ran into some old friends while at the antique store--so fun!

Lastly we stopped by an auction. I love auctions, but this was definitely a crap auction. It was a little scary--just dollar store reject stuff. In bulk. Yeah, we didn't stay too long. I can't wait to go to another auction, but hopefully a better one! Well, thanks for reading and I hope y'all have a great day :)
My mom and aunt had the same chairs in their living room growing up!

So...I will learn how to sew just so I can make a dress out of this material!

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