Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lots of Nothing

Dress & Cardigan - Mossimo // Belt- Thrifted // Shoes - Maurices

I love being at my house! It's just so quiet and I'm (usually) much more productive there than at my parents house. I only say "usually" because I pretty much slept the entire day today. After all the birthdays and such I'm exhausted. Yesterday I sat on the couch for a minute and then woke up like an hour later. And the day before that I fell asleep at the dinner table. Gosh, it made me feel so lazy, but at least I'd been busy and working hard before that. Speaking of being's gonna be a lazy post today. As much as I like being productive, I'm happy to just have a day to do nothing. What about you? Do you ever just take days to do lots of nothing?

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