Monday, June 10, 2013

Have You Heard of Evocateur?

So Vicky over at Fashion Flu sent me a link to the Evocateur website and asked me to do a wishlist of sorts for their products! The jewelry at Evocateur all has a similar feel, but all the designs they use are so cool! So, as a disclaimer, I think the jewelry is definitely out of my price range (especially as a college student), so it's gonna stay just on my wishlist unless they have an incredible sale! Anyways, they have mostly bracelets and cuffs and I would have more of those in my wishlist if I'd done this like in March or something. But now, I'm really into interesting necklaces and Evocateur has some cool ones!'s my Evocateur wishlist!

How cool is this skeleton necklace? I think the detailed illustration is really cool and I love how it's separated into three parts. This necklace is in the Catacombs collection.

This is a double sided necklace in the Museum collection. I just love the story of the Titanic (Not the ridiculous movie...the real story) and I find it really fascinating. So this necklace really appealed to me with both the map and the White Star Line logo.

This is the Jellies Pendant in the Oceana collection. I really like the abstract depiction of the jellyfish here. I've always loved studying the ocean so this necklace is awesome.

If you've read my blog before you've seen my Nautilus shirt. So it's no secret that I love the Nautilus shell! This is also from the Oceana collection.

I love this painting...but I think everyone else does too. I see it everywhere. But, I still think this bracelet is pretty cool. This is from the Museum collection.

There were several different Titanic pieces and I loved all of them! But I paired it down to just two. As much as I like necklaces better, I can see how this design works better as a bracelet. Seriously? A the plans for the Titanic on a bracelet? Awesome! This is also from the Museum collection.

I don't know what it is about this necklace that I like so much. Maybe because I love drawing eyes so much. Anyways, I just think this is pretty cool! This one is from the On Trend collection.

So, even if they're a bit pricey, what do you think of Evocateur's designs? What's your favorite piece?

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