Sunday, June 23, 2013


Dress - INC (Thrifted) // Shoes - Mossimo // Necklace - Walmart

I hate posting when I'm not at least 90% happy with my photos and writing. But, sometimes that ends up happening. Honestly, I'd rather be 100% happy with my work, but I'm positive that's never gonna happen 'cause I tend to over-analyze my work. At first I really didn't care too much about my writing, but now I like it when I've written a post and my reaction is either Yes, this is a great post or Yes, this is hilarious. Which, yeah, doesn't happen too often. There are days when I really just don't have anything to say. And, more often than not, there are days when I feel just plain lazy. Today? Definitely the latter. I love days where the writing comes natural and takes little thought. And today here I am just like I have no idea what to write.

Although I do think I'm finally happy with my pictures, even if there are always days where I'm not feeling creative enough to get interesting shots. But since I've basically permanently borrowed my mom's camera the quality's so much better than my awesome cell phone pics from my earlier blogging days ( only three months ago) when neither of my photographers were available. And even if I'm happy with the pictures I'd love to learn more photography skills...and eventually upgrade to a better camera. But, for now I'm good with the quality of the pictures.

It's great to look back at older posts on my blog and see how much it's improved. But, it's still a long way from where I want it to be. So, my Mid-Year's resolution (haha) is to only post when I know it's excellent work. That's why there's been fewer posts the last few weeks. I want to post as often as I can, but I'm all for quality over quantity. But, having both would be better. So basically I want to post as often as I can, but only if I can say I'm proud of my work. This post? I'm decently satisfied with the writing.

Ironically, right after writing this post I had to go outside and take pictures. I usually have the pictures taken beforehand, but I decided to write first today. So here's a perfect example. I tried. I really did. I tried my absolute best to get these pictures to look ok. But, I spent I don't know how long taking pictures and nothing looked good. This outfit is one of my favorites, but I could not get good pictures to save my life! It was so frustrating. The lighting was all weird and, while I'm not that photogenic anyway, I just looked more ridiculous than usual today for some reason. Well, these pictures aren't too horrible (and I'm definitely not even 90% satisfied with them) but they were my absolute best effort today.

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