Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Old Friends

Dress - Converse One Star // Shirt - Walmart // Shoes - Maurices

Had a wonderful day today. Some very old friends came over for dinner. Now, I don't mean in age, haha. I mean that I've known them since I was 6 years old and I haven't seen them a lot since I was 12. They have 10 kids (which is only two more than my family!). So, when I was 6 I met their daughter who was the same age. We were best friends until she moved back to China with her family when we were 12. We kept in contact via email, letters, phone calls, and eventually Facebook. But, we were never as close as we were when she lived in America. I haven't had a close friend like that since, but some of my favorite childhood memories are of spending time with this friend.

Anyways, back to our two-family dinner. Only the youngest kids came tonight, so I didn't get to see my friend (she actually just got married and lives in Columbus now--that was the wedding I was in a couple weeks ago!). But, it was still wonderful to see this family that has always meant so much to me.

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