Saturday, June 15, 2013

To The Best Dad Ever

Dress - Thrifted // Shirt - St. John's Bay // Scarf - Thrifted // Shoes - Faded Glory (Which I apparently took off for pictures...just imagine this outfit with red canvas shoes)

Obviously I'm an awesome daughter 'cause I had another post written that said nothing about my dad. Thankfully I did remember at the last minute that even though as I'm writing this it's not Father's Day...when it's posted it will be. My other post will have to wait for another day. But...that's good 'cause then I get a break from writing for a day.

Like I said before, my dad's the best. He's one of the strongest and smartest people I know. And I never would have passed any highschool math, chemistry, or physics without his help. He is so hardworking and loves difficult projects. In '96 we moved out to Northeast Ohio to a completely wooded lot of around 26 acres. My dad designed and built our house ( still building? Don't get me wrong, it looks amazing. But there's always some new project going on and one room that's still unfinished.) I should have taken pictures of the house...and my dad. But I guess I'll have to do that another day.

Although he has 8 kids, he always takes time for all of us and takes a genuine interest in stuff we like. Even if it's stuff he obviously doesn't like. I mean really! He went out of his way just to get Princess Protection Program for one of the kids out from another library, actually sat through the movie with her, and then claimed to like the movie. Actually any parent gets an award for sitting through that movie, but dads especially. He tries to make every game, special event, or even practice that he can and always puts us first.

He's been a great example to me because he's so patient and very compassionate. He's been married to my mom for over 20 years (I'm an awesome daughter again 'cause it was their anniversary a couple weeks ago...and I have no idea how long they've been married. I just know it's more that 20 years.) and still says she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. I have so many memories of walking down the stairs in the morning (actually mornings in general are just a memory now that it's summer, haha) and seeing him lift weights while he read the bible. Teaching his children to have a love for God, a good understanding of scripture, and good theology has been a priority for him as well.

I know not everyone has had a wonderful father and writing this has made me realize how much I take my dad for granted sometimes. I really do love him though! Regardless of your situation, I hope that you all have a wonderful Father's Day!

I leave you with a slightly blurry picture of me and my dad at Winchester House.

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