Thursday, June 13, 2013

May Outfits

So yes, I realize that it's mid-June and I never posted May outfits. Thank goodness though, 'cause I seriously did absolutely nothing today...and that includes putting clothes on. Yes. It was a bit of a lazy day. Well, I cleaned some stuff and did a few things, but I was just feeling a pajama day. So yes, no need (or want) to do outfit pictures today. I actually did more outfits than this, but I didn't include any of the California pictures.

Well, I also didn't go running with my mom today. There's a possibility I might in the future...but not today. I need to recover from yesterday... Anways, there are outfits I like better than others, but I really don't have any that I really dislike this month! I did, however, have a difficult time picking a favorite outfit. I like the mixed print outfit, the sunhat outfit, the chambray dress, and the floral dress/orange cardigan outfit!

Anyways, thanks for reading my super short post today. Hope you have a wonderful day! What about you? Any favorites? Any outfits you don't particularly like? Love to hear from you!

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