Friday, June 28, 2013

I Hate Coming up With Post Titles

Dress and Belt - Nine & Co. // Jacket - No tag // Shoes - Maurices

I really do hate coming up with post titles. Sometimes I have a great idea for one...and then most days I'm just like Ummm...sure. This sounds semi-intelligent and vaguely creative. I'm thinking of starting a series of purposefully lame post titles. Starting with yesterday's. I mean, seriously..."What's in a Name?" Come on. I guess it made sense considering the content of my post...but still. So lame.

On a completely different note...apparently hairspray doesn't work on my hair? No, seriously. My hair is naturally curly (see this post), but usually I re-curl it using a flat iron (sorry, if that makes no sense. But I really do use a flat iron to curl my hair--it works great!). Anyways, when I do this, my hair is in tight ringlets until I run my fingers through it and it falls out into the loose waves y'all usually see on my blog. So ...I thought I should just hairspray the ringlets and, if they stayed that way, it would look cool. Boy, was I wrong. Granted it stayed in the ringlets for a few minutes longer than usual, but it eventually just fell out and ended up looking like it normally does--as you can see in the pictures. Except this time it's not soft and I can't run my fingers through it. No... This time it's all nasty and full of hair spray. I didn't even use cheap hairspray! I used John Frieda Firm Hold hairspray. John Frieda. Firm Hold. Yeah, when I see both of those things on a hair spray container I'm thinking John Frieda? Yeah, that's a good brand. Firm Hold? Just what my unruly hair needs! It could just be that I suck at hairstyling in general...

Anyways, as a last thought...does this bother you? My sister hates photo editing of any kind. And I'm just like. Well, I have no idea what I'm doing and I see other people doing it on their blogs. So, I give to you the edited version of the last photo. Thoughts?

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