Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Loki

Despite not having a movie named after him, Loki's still been quite the star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! I've always thought he was pretty awesome, but in Thor: The Dark World he was fantastic, to say the least. Honestly, as much as I want good to triumph over evil I often find myself rooting for Loki to win. I can't be the only one! Thor's awesome and all, but Loki is just so dang cunning. On a related note, if you like Thor and Arrested Development, watch Thorested Development--it's hilarious. Anywho, here are a few Loki inspired outfits:

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Dress (worn as a shirt) - Forever21 // Shirt, Skirt, Shoes, and Socks - Thrifted // Sunglasses - Marc's

Like most of the pictures I've posted recently, these ones are from quite a while ago. May actually, I think. We were at the zoo for an adoption picnic. All I remember about this outfit was how stinkin' many layers went into it. And it was HOT that day. Everyone in my family, and most of the people at the picnic, had matching maroon shirts on. And for some reason mine was in Akron and I wasn't about to drive over an hour just to get a stupid maroon T-shirt. So I just wore a maroon dress instead, so it sort-of matched. Anyways, I wore the dress tucked into a skirt, and put a skirt underneath it so it didn't cling, and then put a collared shirt underneath because. . . well, just because. Maaaan, never wearing that again.

Anyways, if you've ever visited my blog before you'll notice that it looks . . . totally different. Completely different, in fact. I've been meaning to redesign the blog for awhile, but just never had the time. I actually had a completely different design in mind, but this is just what I ended up with, haha. Oh well, I kind of like it for now. It's better than what I had. I mean, it worked last year, but my tastes are different now. Anyways, let me know what you think of the new design. And yeah, I'm aware that I somehow need to figure out how to do the navigation better. But it works for now!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Just Love Editing Photos

Dress - Modcloth // Shoes - Payless // Jacket - Thrifted // Necklace - Forever21

Guess what I did all day. . .  Well, not all day today. All day the past three days. (Yes, I'm very serious.) I've been editing photos. You see, since I got my DSLR I've sort of become the unofficial photographer of the family. And until last week, my mom didn't have a computer to put these photos on so they've sat on my computer, untouched, for months on end. Now a smarter person would have probably just edited these photos as they were taken so they didn't pile up like this. I am apparently not that smart. I was also a bit intimidated by the continuously growing amount of photos to go through. No more, though. I am completely done going through all these stinkin' pictures.

You may remember a few posts ago when I complained about how unphotogenic my family is. Three days of editing photos has only further confirmed this. I mean wow, it takes a lot of work to get my family looking halfway decent! It can't just be me 'cause I edit photos of other people and it never takes as long! Of course I could just be more picky about how my family looks in photos. Or maybe we really do look that good in photos. (Sarcasm)

Now you'd think the last thing I'd want to do right now is edit photos. During this endeavor I couldn't wait to be done. But as soon as I'd finished the last photos I felt like I had no purpose in life and I needed to edit more photos! That's why I decided to do a blog post--more pictures!

Here's how I know I spent too much time editing photos: I went outside with sunglasses on and when I momentarily removed them I thought the white balance of my eyeballs was off. And I desperately wanted to fix it. (And now that I'm looking at them, the white balance of these photos is off too... but yeah, I'm done for now)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm Not Here Right Now

Dress - H&M (Thrifted) // Vest - Thrifted // Shoes - Thrifted // Socks - Marc's // Necklace - Forever21

It's true. I'm not actually here right now. Well, I'm not there. In Ohio, that is. After driving all stinkin' day yesterday (no, really--I actually did most of the driving) I am finally in Florida! (Yet another reason for me to hurry up and finish posting old pictures.)

Anyways, these pictures are from my brother's birthday (waaaay back in May) and he had a medieval theme for his birthday. So I kind of went with a medieval-ish look for my outfit that day. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Anchors and Arrows

Shirt - JCPenney // Skirt - Maurices // Shoes - Payless // Socks - Target // Necklace - Forever21

Another quick post just 'cause I'm still super busy. I actually just (finally) bought a good tripod so I'm trying to get all these old pictures up as soon as possible so I can post better ones! I really haven't been motivated to take pictures mostly because of the effort it takes to get someone else to do it for me :p But. Having a tripod will make this a lot easier!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Black Widow

I love these posts 'cause they're easy to do when I'm super busy, like this week. Well, really, like every week. But especially this week 'cause I have AHG day camp on top of everything else I normally do. Anyways, I had a request to do an outfit inspiration for Black Widow and, what a surprise, I already had some Black Widow outfits put together. Enjoy . . . .

A Black Widow movie needs to be made.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The 50s

Dress - London Times // Belt - American Living // Shoes - Payless // Gloves - Thrifted // Necklace - Walmart // Glasses - Forever21

I've mentioned my backlog of pictures before and these are from, well, several months ago. I had the opportunity to help out with a "through the decades" fashion show for Mother's Day! I also was able to be in the show myself and, of course, I chose to represent the 50s. I'll have to check with the other participants to see which photos I can use on my blog, but until then here's some really grainy shots of my outfit after the show!

I really wanted the show to be as historically accurate as possible. So most of the outfits were vintage, reproduction, or modern with a vintage look. I had a small budget, but I worked with what I had and I think everything turned out nicely! (although I'm a bit frustrated that one of my pin curls didn't really turn out sad) For my outfit I even did a half moon manicure and tried to match the polish as best I could to my lipstick. The half moon manicure's not something I want to do all the time, but now I do pay attention to how my nails are shaped!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Skirt, Cardigan, and Shirt - Thrifted // Shoes - Hotcakes

Right before we went to the parade Friday morning I looked back at the pictures from the 4th last year--it is amazing how much my family has changed in just a year! Just for fun I took outfit pictures in the same place. (even though I have used that same place many times...) I think the landscape might be only slightly different, but it looks very different with my new camera.

Aside from being a holiday, the 4th is also my mom's birthday. We always joke that the fireworks and parades are just a part of her elaborate party (which is even funnier if you know that my mom dislikes birthday parties for her). Anyways, the parade in the morning was pretty fun--and we reconnected with several old friends! Later in the day we went to the fireworks at Geneva-on-the-Lake. Honestly, I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the fireworks this year. We waited almost an hour for, what I thought was, a much shorter show than usual. Still fun though. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as well!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Irrelevent Post Title

Dress - Modcloth // Jacket - Gift // Glasses and socks - Marc's // Shoes - Steve Madden

I think I may just start doing really random and/or post titles because, well, it's fun. And post titles generally are not. Also, I just don't care whether they have anything to do with the content of the post or not.

On a completely different note, whenever I write the word "whether" I want to spell it "wether." This is because I used to have several goats. Strangely I do not have this problem with the word "weather." (I'm assuming most non-goat people won't know what a wether is, so . . . yeah, just google it)

Looking at these pictures really makes me want to do my hair like this again. Right now it's usually just naturally curly like it is in the beach pictures from a few posts ago. Or, more likely, it's in a ponytail because of work and karate. Sadly, pin curls are just not the most practical option right now :( Speaking of karate, I started going back to classes after . . . well, years. I won't really go into too much about that now, but I will say that I am really enjoying it. Also, I hurt. Everywhere.

Just as a heads up I do have a few really cool posts coming up soon. I'll give you hint. Cars. Lots of them. Beautiful classic cars. Some of these pictures I've had for a long time, but I just never got around to posting them ('cause I never got a round tuit ha. ha.).

Well, that's it for now and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the holiday!