Friday, June 14, 2013

Darn Camera

- Zara (Thrifted) // Belt - Cotton On // Jacket - DKNY Jeans (Thrifted) //Jeans - a.n.a // Shoes - Faded Glory // Hat - Rue21

Yes, that is a water tank I'm sitting on...but the plants around it look cool :) And it was still super muddy so it was nice to not have to sit in the mud!!!

Anyways, yeah...these are about all the pictures I got today. I was not happy, 'cause the lighting was great, I found a good spot, and I loved my outfit today. The batteries ran out twice--and then I ran out of batteries. Seriously. Something screwy is going on 'cause the second set of batteries didn't even last long enough for even 4 pictures. One day I will retake pictures of this outfit 'cause I really liked how these almost turned out. I needed a little more time to figure out light balance and focus...'cause ya know, it doesn't always happen instantaneously. Oh well, 3 pictures is all you get today! And the last one was just so you could sort of see the entire outfit...kind of.

I felt like an idiot though, just standing outside and smiling for a few seconds (if the camera would stay on long enough) and then start yelling at the camera when it died. Seriously, like that's gonna help. Maybe if I yell louder the batteries will start working again. It's funny the image we get of people from blogs--it's most likely very different from real life. Although I do know of some bloggers that are very open and honest about their personal lives. I smiled for a few (out of focus) pictures, and then went back to being grumpy. Just because the camera wouldn't work. I wouldn't have looked so nice if these shots had been candid rather than planned. So, there's me being honest with you about my awesome (bazinga--definitely not awesome) character today . It makes me sad that I got so frustrated with the camera being out of battery when, in the grand scheme of things, it's really not a big deal. Oh well. Anyways, thanks for reading through my camera frustrations! Hope you have a wonderful day! What weird/dumb things make you frustrated?

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