Sunday, June 16, 2013


Skirt - H&M (Thrifted) // Shirt - St. John's Bay (Thrifted) // Vest-  Thrifted // Shoes - Restricted Betsy

Since it was both my dad's birthday and Father's Day, we went to the Great Lakes Science Center. Sadly we didn't get to see the Titanic exhibit because all the tickets were sold out! AHH!!!! Oh well, I guess we'll go back at some point this summer :/ The best part though was going to see the steamship, William G. Mather. I don't really have anything more to say today, so I'll just leave you with some pictures of the steamship and a few others. (PS....WOO!! Good pictures are back! Sorry about my camera troubles the past few days. I really need to stop posting if the quality's not my best :/ )

Yes. This happened. Catherine and I got super bored 'cause...well it's not that big of a museum and we'd been in there like 3-4 hours already. One of my other sisters kind of photobombed the picture too--you can see her head right underneath the lollipop!


  1. oh what a cute skirt you are wearing and i love how you paired it with that vest!

  2. Bummer about the Titanic exhibit, as that's something I really want to see. And I LOVE your skirt!!


  3. Gorgeous! I love this outfit. x


  4. I LOVE this skirt. It's so pretty and the last photo of your is gorgeous, I love how you did your eye makeup, your eyes look so big and pretty!
    Bummer on missing out on the Titanic exhibit but the rest of the trip looks like it was a ton of fun, I always really enjoy going on any kind of boat ride. (Your family looks like so much fun!)