Monday, June 24, 2013

Pickin' Strawberries

Shirt - Land's End (Thrifted) // Jeans - a.n.a. // Red Canvas Shoes - Faded Glory

Well, this is ironic. Especially after yesterday's post. I do, however, assure you that this is my best work for today. I started feeling bad this morning but I thought it was just me being really overtired (which I am). But after the strawberry picking things just went downhill. I was tired while out picking strawberries but I thought it was just because I was out in the hot sun. It was pretty awesome though 'cause we got like 10 or 11 baskets of strawberries in only an hour and they strawberries are amazing! Anyways, as soon as we were done and I got in the car I realized that I was pretty sick. So yeah. This is all you get today. (oh yeah, this is excellence haha). Well, I'm going back to my Supernatural marathon and hope that I feel better tomorrow.

PS Don't you love my strawberry print shirt? I was so excited to wear it strawberry picking!

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