Saturday, June 22, 2013

Helping Hannah's Home

Shirt - Old Navy // Cardigan - Express (Thrifted) // Shorts - City Streets // Shoes - Faded Glory

Don't you love my alliteration?

Honestly, not my favorite outfit. But, hey it was comfortable. Wait no...actually it wasn't. I can guarantee that these shorts will never be on the blog again. I wore pants instead of a skirt because I was volunteering at Hannah's Home (they assist single, pregnant mothers under the age of 25) helping to organize all the donated clothes. Turns out that these pants were not made for sitting on the floor. No rips or anything, just a huge gap in the back (thankfully, I had the sense to put on a belt...). I changed into a skirt later for a graduation party. I actually did get pictures of that, but I'm saving them for a day that I don't feel like taking outfit pictures...or perhaps a day when I don't even feel like getting out of my pjs...

Anyways, yes, Hannah's Home. So I went with my mom and 4 of my siblings to do some work there. As I said before I organized a lot of the donated clothes. So I spent my time sorting and folding. Actually I organized the clothes that were already there to make room for the new clothes. But still, a lot of sorting and folding. I kept finding these random 4T clothes in the 6-9 months clothing!! Just a little weird... So, some of my family helped with that. The rest went upstairs to dust and clean the bathrooms.

My church has always done fundraisers and stuff for Hannah's Home and I think I may have participated once or twice, but I never really knew much about it. After the tour of the place today I'm so excited to have been able to help them! The house is beautiful and can accommodate around 10 girls at a time. It has care and counseling and also helps the girls learn valuable skills like sewing!

Gosh, I haven't volunteered in a long time. But, it was a good use of my time! What about you? Do you enjoy volunteering? Where do you like to volunteer?

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