Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Camp Friedlander!

Opening Campfire at Camp Friedlander!

Catherine and her friend Mattie

Catherine on the climbing wall!

Laura on the high ropes course

Our campsite.

Oh my own  tent for the week! Sadly that's more space to myself than I normally have at home...

I may have taken well, a lot of pictures of the clouds. Seriously, they were perfect that day! And watching them while the sun set was just amazing!

Not the best picture of it...but seriously it's a pretty snazzy dining hall for camp!

  So yeah...this is an interesting photo. There was an archery tournament and I won in the adult division. That explains why I have the golden arrow...that does not explain why it looks like I'm about to stab the archery/riflery instructor. Hey, it's camp...weird stuff happens here!

Yeah, we are all actually trying to look like dorks. And we're quite aware that we're saluting with the wrong hand...and fingers. But again, weird stuff happens at camp. Dork Scout salute!

What about you? Any good camp stories? I'd love to hear them! 

Pictures by Emma or me

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