Monday, August 12, 2013

"Uality" of Life

Remember that post I wrote awhile ago about only posting when I knew it was quality work? good, 'cause I don't either. I could blame it on my horrible memory (which is seriously a valid excuse), but unfortunately there is written proof somewhere on this blog of me saying all that stuff about quality vs quantity. Quality's a pretty dumb word anyway. And I can't say or even read it without thinking of Dilbert.

And when I think of Dilbert and "quality" I think of this

Yeah, well those are some random thoughts and a Dilbert cartoon for you before I go into making excuses about why I have less than awesome photos for you.

So....I may have...broken the camera I use (and it's not even mine!).

Well, not the camera per se...but perhaps the cord that's used to upload the photos I take with said camera to the computer I use for blogging. Yes, I am that coordinated. I don't even know how it's even possible to break the cord, but somehow I did it.

Of course I could blame the company for the poor "uality" of the camera cord which should have been able to hold up for at least a little longer. Or I could just...wait...that sounds like a great idea. I mean, since I'm already making excuses, it's not like I wasn't careful with the cord...I swear, it was an accident (That last part was for the benefit of my mom, and perhaps my life after she reads this. Mom, just so you know, dad's working on fixing the camera right now. Well, not right now. But he knows what to do to fix it! I know, I know...I'm a horrible daughter and I should never touch your camera again...except that you know I will as soon as it's fixed.)

So...since I have nothing else to post (I mean I have a couple posts saved for a rainy day, but I just used several of them while I was at camp...and, really, it's not raining.) Where was I? Oh yes, so since I have nothing else to post, here are just some random pictures I found on my cell phone! Yay for "uality"!

This is on the white board you see as soon as you walk in my kitchen!

I have a love for both glass cups and Marvel comics...and Star Wars. I also have several cabinets full of mugs....not pictured.

Still a bit messy, but stuff is coming together. And my refrigerator is not out in the garage anymore!

Saw this interesting chandelier at Goodwill. Also, those shoes sitting right next to the chandelier...They are now sitting in my closet.

We ate at Ted's Bulletin one night in DC. The entire time I kept thinking "Haaaaave you met Ted?"

A fast food salad bar. Yeah, I laughed pretty hard at that. Enough to justify taking a picture to share with y'all. I mean, seriously, McDonald's is right there. I'm sorry (I'm really not), but give me a choice between a sausage McGriddle and a salad? Yeah, I'm going with the McGriddle.

Maroon(ish) car directly(ish) in the center. Saw it on the way home from DC. Love it!

I guess I could try to call this one of those "Life Lately" posts...but yeah, obviously it's just a bunch of random photos. I have no more excuses for you. Just deal with this until the camera is fixed.

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