Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School Outfits!

Dress - J. Taylor (JCPenney) // Belt - Body Central // Shoes - Hotcakes

Dress - Nine & Co. // Belt - Vintage // Shoes - Hotcakes

Dress - Max Studio // Shoes - Hotcakes // Bracelet - Glitter // Necklace - Forever21

What?? Seriously? An outfit post? Finally! I just realized I've done like...well, one outfit post this entire month. Well, I guess I posted my outfits at the beach, but this is the first official outfit post since the beginning of August. Anyways, these are the outfits I wore the first three days of school! Love the first one--the dress is so super comfy! Second one I like too. And I'm really glad that the third one turned out alright. Here's why... 

So this morning I woke up feeling alright considering that I'm still pretty sick. Then I hear this weird whining noise in the background. Guess what! It's the alarm on my cellphone...that was really quiet for some reason. And it's not my You Should Probably Get Up in the Next 15 Minutes alarm. It's the PANIC! YOU HAVE TO LEAVE IN 15 MINUTES alarm. So I got ready in record time today! And I basically walked out of the house with just some random clothes I somehow found in the huge mess in my room as I'm trying to unpack!

I'm definitely glad to be back to regular outfit posts, but since I am still a bit sick I really need to get some sleep. So goodnight, y'all!

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