Thursday, August 1, 2013

Girls In White Dresses

Dress - Modcloth // Shoes - Montego Bay Club (Payless) // Glasses - Charlotte Russe // Cardigan - borrowed from my mom...and I forgot to check the label before I gave it back // Lipstick - Revlon Sky Pink

No, I'm not wearing a white dress...just trust me, the title will make sense in a minute.

Don't know about you, but I had a pretty awesome day. I just got this dress from Modcloth and it is seriously my favorite dress ever. I mean it's not like the most flattering dress I own. But the pattern...the pattern's just so beautiful! I'm basically planning to wear this dress every day now.

On to less ridiculous reasons for this to be the best day ever. So this afternoon I went with my friend Rebecca to see The Wolverine...finally. I love any X-Men movie, but seriously, Wolverine is one of my favorite X-Men and probably one of my favorite Marvel heroes overall! Anyways, the movie was great! No spoilers here though. Go see it!

As if that wasn't enough after I got home from the movie I went with my mom and sisters to see a local production of The Sound of Music! (Does the title make sense now?) I haven't been to Rabbit Run Theater in so long, but it's a really fun place. It's a converted barn theater and they just put on wonderful plays. This was no exception. I actually knew some of the cast members so that made it very enjoyable, but either way I would have loved it. So. Well. Done. So yeah, favorite dress, The Wolverine, and The Sound of Music? Awesome Day.

So, I finally got an outfit post up! Not my best pictures...still I got an outfit post up! But, just as a heads up, I'm heading out to Camp Friedlander with some girls from my American Heritage Girls troop next I'm not planning on blogging. I do, however, have some pictures that I'll probably schedule to post while I'm gone. Anyways, other than one last vacation in August, I'll be back to regular outfit posts soon!

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