Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Full Moon Waves

Took these pictures of the house yesterday...but obviously I had too many pictures yesterday anyways. So I just waited 'til today to show y'all.

See that big white van? That's ours. Yup, we're officially a big homeschool family now.

Dolphin Watch. The awesome thing is you actually can watch the dolphins from our house!

Our house is kind of in an inlet of basically no waves. Which is great 'cause there are a few kids that don't really swim well.  On the other hand there are a few of us who do swim well. So we drove a few miles down the road to this beach instead.

Yes, the waves were much better here...but I'm still laughing at the fact that we're in a beach house--on the beach--and we still drove to the beach down the road.

There was also a full moon a couple days ago so some of the other swimmers there were saying that made the waves actually doesn't make that much difference. But still full moon waves sounds cool.

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