Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Beach is More Beautiful in the Dark

It amazes me how different a sunset can be depending on the day and the conditions--even though it's the same spot!

The view from the back door!

My mom went on a date this evening with my dad (leaving me with the kids...) so I let her borrow a few of the things I'd brought with me. The dress is actually mine...but she's the one who packed it :p

After I put the scarf in her hair I was sorry I hadn't thought to put it in mine! It's adorable!

After mom and dad got back and the kids were all in bed I went on a walk with my Papaw. I didn't really get to spend too much time with him this week yet so I really enjoyed getting to go on this walk with him. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of taking evening walks with him in the muggy Florida air.

Gosh, this place is beautiful. I'm so sad I have only one day left here. This pictures kind of reminds me of Neverending Story :p

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