Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Think a Post Title's Supposed to Be Here

Shirt - Body Central // Short - Faded Glory // Shoes - Steve Madden (Thrifted) // Earrings - Gift

No really, I actually published this post without a title at first. Ha, that's how observant I am. I also just have never really cared for post titles anyways...

So, obviously, I shouldn't have put off writing posts for while I'm at camp 'til the last minute possible. There's not too much writing in them, but I assure you they're awesome (If you can't tell that was extremely sarcastic). I'm so excited about going to Camp Friedlander tomorrow, but I'm not looking forward to going to camp very sleep deprived already. Speaking of which...I should get some sleep now!

If you don't see anything from me the next week...well, my scheduled posts didn't post. Also, I won't be checking any other people's blogs until I'm back. Anyways...hope your week is great. (...hope mine is great too! We'll see!)

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