Friday, August 30, 2013

Does Anyone Else Hate Thinking of Titles?

Shirt - Faded Glory // Skirt - GAP (Thrifted) // Shoes - Hotcakes // Necklace - Forever21 // Balm Stain - Revlon Romantic // Scarf - Thrifted? Maybe, I guess. I don't really know. I just found it in the dress up stuff at my parent's house.

See the scarf? Yeah, we're gonna pretend that was there in the picture of my outfit for the first day of school (first outfit with the pinkish floral dress). I knew something was missing in the pictures!! Anyways, like this skirt? Just thrifted it yesterday! My sister needed some shirts to wear with black jeans and I happened to find this skirt for me! 

So, I'm starting to feel a bit better from being sick all last week. Being so sick made the first week of school so fun! Seriously, in one class we weren't even allowed to take water in with us! I was just like Ok, but when I cough during your entire class just remember who said no water. That said, coughing is almost gone!! Yeah! I was going to go home for the entire weekend, but I really need to just rest and do nothing for a bit so I can (hopefully) get completely well. I was supposed to do that today after class, but I got home today and just had to clean my house. But, I already feel better now that I my stuff is almost moved in and put away!

Btw, love the pictures? Yeah, this is basically what I was doing when I started my blog. Except I'm using a real camera instead of a cell phone camera...and I'm using a real tripod instead of masking tape. My photographer transferred to Kent :( I also don't have the forest to photograph in...and I don't have a backyard either. So, we'll see what happens with pictures. I think there are some parks nearby, but I still just don't like taking pictures in front of people. I also don't even have a sibling to help now :/ Stay with me while I get stuff all figured out! So please excuse my stellar photography and my I have no idea what I'm doing poses. Anyways, hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

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