Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dang, It's Hot Out There

So day 2 of vacation started out with a dolphin sighting! So fun! I almost missed the picture 'cause I didn't have the camera with me and had to run get it. Aaand then I realized I also didn't have the SD card either. So I'm running all over the place like a crazy person trying to find everything lol!

Our house is freeeeezing! So when you take the camera from the inside to the outside, the lens gets all weird and foggy. This time though, instead of cleaning the lens, I thought I'd try to take some pictures and see if I got an interesting effect. I think they look pretty cool myself...

I was about to step out onto the back porch, but then I saw this little guy hanging on the window!

Everyone just chillin' after a long day. I'm so happy that my Papaw was able to join us on this trip!

Apples to Apples on one side of the table and Shanghai on the other.

Well, that's it for today. Bad internet still, but much better than last time. And it really did take me about 2 hours to upload these photos ...again. Yikes. I love it here...but seriously, internet!!! 

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