Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We Only Look Dangerous

Probably my least favorite day of a beach vacation...the one where we actually have to go out and do stuff. Don't get me wrong, I would normally love doing all this stuff. But seriously, I could have been sitting on the beach doing nothing. But instead we drove to Charleston and went to a few museums.

First we toured The Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon. I got a few pictures...but it was horrible lighting for picture taking. So I'll leave you with just this slightly blurry one. The architecture on the interior was actually pretty cool! Strangely, there weren't any cells since it was normally used as a store room. But when there were actually prisoners there they just roamed freely throughout the dungeon.

Old post office boxes

"Take a picture of my eye!"

We also toured The Old Slave Mart Museum. Very sad history. It was a small museum, but there was a lot of information. The building was actually a place where slaves used to be sold. Ugh, makes me sick that people actually treated other people like that. Well...I guess past tense isn't quite correct since it still is happening. Still makes me sick though.

Postcard picture?

The last place we visited was the Powder Magazine. And the pathway to get to this small, but really awesome, museum was kind of gorgeous. I also bought a rifle pen there. ...and proceeded to get ink all over my dress. No, I really mean all over my dress. So fun. But, I got a cool pen. And that's all that matters.

Oh, heck no...he looks way too happy.

Just pointin' firearms willy nilly all over the place... This isn't as dangerous as it looks.

Aaahhh! This thing is heavy!

Even mom decided to give it a try!

We need one of these at home for when the kids are misbehaving. That's it! To the stocks with you!

While in the stocks people would throw stuff at the victim...and sometimes cut off their ears!

Don't know what this is...didn't go in...but doesn't it look cool? I mean, come on, it says Pirates Courtyard.

The very cool exterior of a Charleston theater.

A cemetery we walked past. We were gonna stop in...but everyone was so tired that we just went back home.

We all stopped for an early dinner at McConkey's Jungle Shack. Seriously, McConkey's Jungle Shack. Isn't that the best name ever?

Ha, I just realized M (far left) it wearing my mom's sunglasses in this picture. This is why I don't tell people when I'm taking pictures of them. Usually it's because they look more natural for the picture...and then sometimes it's 'cause I end up with gems like this.

Remember how I got ink all over my dress from my awesome rifle pen? Yeah, it's still there in this picture even though you can't see it. I'm just sitting there eating like a savage (no really...there were napkins and condiments everywhere) and on top of that I've got pen on my dress. Hopefully there were low expectations being a shack and all...'cause I felt a wee bit uncivilized. (oh, and I did eventually get the pen out...but I had to wait 'til I got home to get it out...)

We were all pretty tired after walking around so much in the heat, but I went with M down to the beach and we watched the sunset. It. was. amazing. Seriously one of the best sunsets I've seen all summer. It comes pretty close to the one on the first day of camp...but this one might beat it. You should be so happy that the computer's taking forever to upload pictures so now you only get a few pictures of the sunset :p ...instead of 300...ish.

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