Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To The Fair!

Catherine and some Nubian goats at the Ashtabula County Fair

AAAHHH! This made me miss having goats sooo much! Haha, and you can still see some bruises on my leg from camp :p

Cows....so tasty.

American Heritage Girls? Awesome! Right after getting back from camp too!

I miss being here so much! I used to do 4H and I felt like I lived at the fair! So many memories.

Even though fair rides are kinda sketchy...I thought these pictures were pretty cool!

This. This was THE BEST ride at fair as a kid.

If I can find it, I have a picture of my and my best friend riding this when we were like 10. When I find it I will post it.

I used to show my miniature horse at the fair and now there's all new kids and all new horses! Although I did recognize these two :) Gracie and Rayne!

Another horse I recognized was Gala. She's actually my mini horse's sister!


Gosh, it was so busy on Sunday!

Anyways, that was the 2013 Ashtabula County Fair! I was so tired from camp (and starting to get a little sick) that I almost didn't end up going. But, I love the fair. So I had to go. Tell me about your county or state fair! Any of you in 4H?

Oh and camp pictures should be up tomorrow! I hope...no promises. But at this point I'm planning on tomorrow!

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