Saturday, August 10, 2013

So Yeah, I'm Back

Dress - Corey P. (JCPenney) // Shirt - Bugle Boy (Thrifted) // Socks - Marc's // Shoes - Yessica (Thrifted)

I'm back! This isn't a scheduled post and I'm actually back from Camp Friedlander alive!

Well ok...these aren't camp pictures. But I'm so tired after camp that I'm probly not gonna post pictures 'til tomorrow or Monday. Camp went really well though, but I am a bit exhausted. It is SO nice to have clean bathrooms though and a bed to sleep in. Although...I did actually think that the sleeping arrangements were pretty good at camp. And it's weird that I keep looking up at the ceiling expecting daddy longlegs to drop on me. That. Was. Disturbing. I love being outdoors, but in my tent daddy longlegs kept crawling to the top and then just letting go and falling on my face!!! Only slightly disturbing when you're half asleep...

Anyways, I'm looking forward to sharing some pretty awesome summer camp stories with y'all! Oh and the last picture is of my brother, A...he must have been with me the day I took these pictures.

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