Thursday, July 11, 2013

100th Post!

Hey there! I don't know about you, but I am so excited that this is my 100th post! I am so amazed that I made it this far! I know 100 posts isn't technically that much since I've only been blogging since March, but for me it's a lot. Mostly because I have started other blogs before and, well...let's just say I never made it past 10 posts before I got bored and quit. So yeah, accomplishment for me!

First off I must apologize for not a lot of posts this week! I actually have several written, but I couldn't post them 'cause I really wanted to spend time making this post a darn good one! And I want to have some scheduled for when I'm at camp. And I was so busy all week with ...well, everything. But, I won't waste time on that now. Lets just say that I had zero time for picture taking, but I was extremely productive in non-blogging things!

I guess I could have posted during the week and then this post...but it wouldn't really have been my 100th post. It would have been like my 105th or something. My OCD (it should be CDO so all the letters are in order) kind of prevented me from doing that though 'cause it would have been out of order! I'm twitching just thinking of it.

Yeah, I know none of the pictures below are new. But, it was fun for me to see some of my older pictures and see some of my favorites! And you get to see some awful pictures from my beginning days of blogging. Well just one actually. Eh, I don't even want to look at it. But, it sure makes my current pictures look even better! If you want to see more awful pictures just go to the first couple posts in March in the archives.

Pictures by me, R. Parker, CT, Laura, Mom, and siblings.
Went from this (cell phone with a homemade tripod)...

To this (friends taking pictures)...

To finally this (taking my own pictures!)...

And here's a couple more of my favorites! (in chronological-ish order...)
I owe a huge thanks to my friends and my family members who all helped me with pictures when I first started blogging--I really couldn't have done it without them. You can see pictures of them on the Photographer Page! Anyways, thank YOU so much! Thanks for sticking with me as I've been blogging these past couple of months. Thanks for reading all my random thoughts. And thanks especially for your comments! I know everyone says this, but seriously, I LOVE reading them! It's so nice to know that someone took the time to read a post that I took time writing. Sometimes they say Hey, I liked your blog and took the time to comment other times they say Hey, I'm hoping that by commenting on your blog you'll come and check my out (which I really don't mind at all...and I almost always check said blog out) and still other times they say Follow me and I'll follow back xoxox ;) ;) I think my eye started twitching as I wrote that last one... Back to you guys though! I really do appreciate all of y'all who read my blog--means a lot to me!

Well, here's to the next 100 posts! Hope you'll stick around!

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