Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beware the Angry Donuts

Dress - Pink Owl (via Modcloth) // Shirt - Faded Glory // Belt - Cotton On // Shoes - Maurices

Honestly....I hate the way these pictures turned out. But, I love this dress (it's my first one from Modcloth!) so I wanted to post these anyways. Actually, I do like the last picture...but I'm not even in it :p Gosh I already miss Rachel taking my pictures!

Anyways, don't you just love the awesome things kids say? My siblings all have great imaginations and it's so funny to listen to them. They like to play princes and princesses, little house on the prairie, questing for dragons, and tons of fun stuff! Anyways, we were on a long car ride and I stopped talking with my mom long enough to hear my 8-year-old sister, N, say to another sibling, "Can you go faster than an angry donut?"

Now, I have no idea how the conversation got there. How is this donut propelling itself? And why is it angry? Ah, the things little kids say. I thought it sounded like something that might be in Adventure Time, but they don't even watch that show! Anyways, I thought it was funny!

Oh, and one last thing. Do you remember the FBI costume pictures from the 4th of July post? Well, when my siblings were playing FBI I overheard Laura asking A (one of my Ukrainian siblings who doesn't speak much English yet) if he had an alibi. Since A doesn't know what an alibi is he starts looking through his pockets for one! Do you have any funny stories from your siblings, kids, cousins?

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