Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Dress - Thrifted (Ulterior Motive) // Cardigan - Thrifted (New York & Company) // Belt - Corey P. (via JCPenney ...came with a dress) // Shoes - Faded Glory

I don't know what happened, but for some reason there were about 20 pictures missing when I uploaded everything. Aaaand, they happened to be the pictures that I had Catherine take of my outfit while I was standing on the dock. It's really frustrating 'cause they were on the camera on the way home, but when I went to upload them....they were gone. So yeah, not happy. Oh well, still got a couple good pictures I guess.

Anyways, only Laura, M, and dad were running in the 5k today and, since they were there, A and D ran in the 1/2 mile kids fun run. But, for some strange reason we all got up between 5 & 6 to go to a race an hour away...yes, that early in the morning. Now, I'm all for supporting family members in their athletic endeavors, but I'm pretty sure there's an clause in there somewhere regarding early mornings. Technically, I'd prefer to attend sporting events after noon (or perhaps not at all...) but the fact that we drove several hours, sat through two races, and stayed for award ceremony all before noon disturbs me.

They actually did really well in the race though. Laura and A both placed second in their age categories and D placed 3rd in his. It was hilarious 'cause we all stood by the finish line waiting for our people and my mom was just there cheering everyone on. I, on the other hand, wasn't. Cheering people on, that is. If you remember my previous post on running you'll remember that I hate running and I spent the entire time venting my frustration by yelling at Laura (jokingly, not angrily ...sarcasm clause). So, as a joke, to balance my mom's  ridiculously enthusiastic encouragement to people we didn't even know, I would say...well, not very encouraging things. Ya know, only so she could hear. But then when our family members came to the finish line I had to yell....not encouraging things at them. Don't worry, Laura thought it was funny. Just things like, "You look goofy when you run!" "You'll never make it" and "Turn back now!" And then I thought of ..."The end is near!" So now I actually want to go to another race with them just so I can bring a sign saying "The End is Near." That way I can be encouraging and still retain my slightly disturbing sense of humor. It's a win-win. Oh, I did cheer on one runner though. The guy dressed as Wolverine. Yes, a guy dressed up as Wolverine for the race--I couldn't help but cheer him on!

 And before I forget, the pictures of Catherine in goofy poses are her mocking me. In exchange for her taking the pictures  that interestingly disappeared, I took pictures of her mocking me. Actually I'd totally take the pictures anyway, 'cause she's thinks she's funny.

That's it! I leave you with the most creative store name ever--The Store. Yes, just The Store. I had to take a picture of this incredible example of creativity.

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