Monday, July 29, 2013

So Much To See (DC Day 3)

So I had no internet the past few days and that's why I didn't get the last set of DC photos up. I'm hoping to do one more post after this with some random DC photos and stories. And then I'll get back to regular outfit posts. This post will mostly be pictures just 'cause I got home very late last night and I've got a ton to do today. And I'm super tired. Hope you enjoy these 'til I'm all rested and ready to get back into the swing of things!

National Museum of Natural History

I thought this rock looked like a muppet...eating the muppaphone

Night at the Museum?

Oh yes...look at all those shells!

I was this close to a 1950 Studebaker!!!

Just look at's gorgeous

It's not like I didn't have enough pictures like this, but it looked cool in the mist.

A 4 story mall...4 stories. It was like heaven.


Jefferson Memorial

It rained...obviously...

Well, that's it for today! As I said before, I hope to get back into regular outfit posts this week!

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