Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Guess I Don't Hate Swimming After All?

Skirt - H&M // Shirt - Old Navy // Cardigan - Express // Shoes - Faded Glory

I actually do kind of hate swimming. Although I didn't mind today because I finally got an awesome red polka dotted retro swimsuit to wear (I needed a one piece for camp...and I hope to get pictures up eventually). And, as much as I dislike loud and busy pools, I LOVE places that have a lazy river! I love just being able to float and think. ....without people splashing me. Thankfully, my siblings know better than to splash me. There's a great lazy river in University of Akron's rec center--I really should go there more often! I just don't like swimming when there are a ton of people splashing around. I like water when it's calm and quiet. Although, it's nice to be able to just stop and think in general.

That's one reason I end up going to sleep so late at night (umm...early in the morning?) 'cause I seriously need time at the end of the day to wind down. I think most of you know that I have, well, a lot of siblings. Anyways, my mom and I are always busy around the house and by the time the kids are in bed I'm just ready to chill out and think. I enjoy designing and doing some creative writing before I go to sleep. But lately, I've been so inspired (which, ya know, shouldn't be a bad thing) that I end up staying up much later than I mean to. I wish there were more hours in the day...and that the kids went to bed several hours earlier! Then I could get all the housework done and all my writing/art done. Oh, and get some sleep. Right now I'm doing both, but sleep-wise I'm really suffering. Obviously, I need to find a better balance here. Or switch from decaf to "lots-of-caf."

Oh...and Happy 4th! Since right now it's not the 4th yet it almost slipped my mind. But, it will be the 4th when this is posted. So, yes. Happy Independence Day!

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