Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don't You Wish You Were Here? (DC Day 1)

So I was invited, last minute-ish, on a weekend trip with some friends to Washington, DC. The story's longer than that, but I got up at the crack of ridiculous (before 5...) so we could be in DC around lunchtime and I'm just so ready for sleep. Anyways, here are some photos from the first day.

A few pictures from our tour of the capitol

If you look closely in the tree, you can see a face. The painter working on this was mad that his employers didn't like his new sketches (he was completing someone else's work). So, in response, he painted his face into the tree bark. Needless to say, he did not continue working on this painting.

Standing on the star in the center of the crypt. Gosh, I'm such a dork in front of the camera.

If you've read/listened to/seen Narnia, and you're like me, you can only say the word lamppost with an English accent. 

I want this for a pet. Or perhaps as a minion to do my bidding. I would name it Feldspar.

Sarah, me, and Rebecca. Yes, two Rebekah(cca)s on the same trip. She spells her name differently, but you can't hear it gets a little confusing at times!

A lamppost. Try to say it without a British accent. You can't.

Why yes, I am a tourist.

We wandered into the historic district--such a cute area!

1960s BMW. Yes. (Darn, I'm not sure of the exact year...I'm positive it's 60s though)

Washington Monument

WWII Memorial

I don't know who those people are....and they ruined my picture

That's it! Well, sort of. I left a lot out for the sake of time and post length. Yay...I can sleep now.

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