Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too Cool for Starbucks

Dress - London Times // Shoes - Maurices
Photos by R. Parker!!

Do you ever have days where you feel awesome? ...and then you go to Starbucks...

The other day I just felt awesome. I got a lot done, baked and ate some Citrus White Chocolate Cookies (recipe in previous post), I loved my outfit that day, and, well, it was just a pretty good day. And then I went to Starbucks.

As soon as I walked in I felt the gaze of every hipster in there. I could almost hear their thoughts...Why aren't you wearing plaid? Where's your scarf in the middle of summer? Where are your non-prescription glasses? Gosh, is this what public high school feels like? Some people think Starbucks makes you cool (I'm looking at you jr high kids who shouldn't be drinking coffee anyways). I say it just amplifies your already existent traits. Starbucks makes cool people oh so much cooler. And, since I'm just like the biggest dork ever...well, let's just say Starbucks doesn't do me any favors.

Every time I'm there I just wonder why I'm  in this building full of people wearing v-necks and TOMS. In fact I don't even own TOMS. It's not that I don't like canvas shoes--they're very comfortable, actually. I do have several pairs of what I call SAMS (the walmart brand of TOMS). I know, I'm a horrible person. And on that 'horrible person' note, I don't even really like Starbucks Coffee. As if I needed anything else to convince you of how completely uncool I am. It's just too expensive for only sort-of good coffee. I love coffee, but the only place that I will pay that much for coffee is Coffee Corners in Burton, OH. Best. Coffee. Ever. So maybe I'm not really that uncool and instead I'm just too cool for Starbucks.

Of course I would be craving Starbucks lemon bread right now....

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