Thursday, September 19, 2013

Couch Superhero

Dress - Max Studio // Hat - Charlotte Russe // Jacket - Unknown // Boots - Lower East Side // Necklace - Forever21
Pictures by Laura

So I can't believe I totally forgot to tell you what happened to me on Tuesday! So Tuesdays and Thursdays are like my long days on campus. I have classes from around 9am to 8pm. Although if I get out of photography on time I can go home for about an hour so it's not so bad. No...that's still bad. Anyways, as I was trying to drive home for that hour for lunch my car would not start. Well, it's not that it wouldn't start...and more that the key wouldn't turn. It's been really difficult to turn the key for awhile and it seems that things completely broke that day. And since I was expecting to be able to go home I had no food with me, no homework to do...and no headphones. So I couldn't even just watch Netflix or anything. Oh, and Laura was visiting me and since she didn't have a phone with her I couldn't call her to tell her I wasn't going to be home! (she also said to not do the picture of the apple in my hands 'cause it's too reminiscent of Twilight :p)

Normally I would just have my dad fix it (and he would totally drive an hour just to fix my car...he's awesome like that). dad's currently recovering from leg surgery and can't drive yet. So I'm just stuck at school. Thankfully my dad called around and found a locksmith to drive out and change the tumbler or something. Whatever the guy did my car works now! It was funny though because the locksmith called me so I could direct him to my car in the parking garage. Ha. Me giving directions to someone. Yeah, I don't really give directions that well :p What's worse is I could barely hear the guy over the phone! 

I ended up missing half of my web design class. But it's ok, 'cause my car is fixed now and the class is super easy and I caught up really quickly. I'm so thankful that I have such an awesome dad who was able to help even if he couldn't even get off the couch! That's why he's the couch superhero. He's awesome.

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