Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Stuff

Dress - Converse One Star // Cardigan - Express // Socks - Target // Shoes - Restricted Betsy // Balm Stain - Revlon Charm
So I was finally a bit social today (and no, the pictures wont' resize again) and I spent the afternoon with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and two of my brothers. I may have lived in Akron for a year...but I still haven't been to most of the little diners and places by my house. So we checked out The Falls Deli and then went to Strickland's Frozen Custard. The Frozen Custard place was so cute! The interior was decorated with all these pictures from the 50s...ok so a bit cliché for an ice cream/custard place. But still, cute.
Later my friend Rachel came over to watch a movie. You might remember her. She used to be one of my photographers before she transferred to Kent. Anyways, so much fun! We watched Corpse Bride and then talked for awhile. I'm really not that social :p so I really had a lot of fun! Hope your weekend is great!

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