Monday, September 9, 2013

These Ain't Fashion Boots

Dress - Cato's // Belt - Thrifted // Jacket and Boots - Unknown // Balm Stain - Revlon Romantic
So....I really don't know what to tell you about the pictures. I know, I's just all these excuses. But seriously, I have no idea why they're all messed up! Chrome was being all weird with BlogSpot and stuff and Firefox won't have anything to do the website (Mozilla Firefox or should I say Godzilla Flamewolf?) so here I am stuck with IE. Ugh, words cannot describe how much I hate IE, but it's the only browser that's sort of working right now. And for some reason it won't let me resize the pictures. Why?? Why are you doing this to me?? Oh well...
If I had to pick a category for this outfit, it would probably be Nautical Cowboy. I don't know why, but I do find that quite humorous. Hey, stripes and cowboy boots--therefore, Nautical Cowboy. I'm gonna go wrangle some seahorses now...ha ha ha... Anyways, when I see people wearing "fashion" cowboy boots I kind of have to laugh. Nothing says "city person" more than a pair of brand spankin' new, shiny and clean boots. I mean, go ahead and wear what you want, but I feel like cowboy boots are just something that only farm people should wear.  And here I am wearing "fashion" cowboy boots. Oh wait...except that these are totally not "fashion" boots. Folks, these are the real deal. Yes, these are legit boots with real horse poop and everything! Since I don't really show horses anymore (sad face) I figured I might as well put these boots to good use! And, just for some proof, here's one of my horse show ribbons. I should post some pictures of my horse now I guess...
Oh yeah, and in case you were, I'm still sick. I basically coughed up my spleen in my first class today :/ Blaaaaah. Health, where are you??

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