Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bringing Creative Back!

Skirt - GAP (Thrifted) // Shirt - a.n.a. // Socks - Marc's // Cardigan - Mossimo // Shoes - St. John's Bay

Yeah, so I didn't actually go to the Brown's game, but I was right across from the stadium and just had to take some pictures of all the people. It was ridiculous how many people there were! We couldn't even park in the Science Center's parking lot 'cause it was a Brown's game day. And there were so many people that they started walking in the street--in front of cars--and wouldn't even stop walking to let us into the place where we could actually park. Seriously, people really were walking in the middle of the street like "the Brown's game is more important than my life." 

Anyways, the real reason we went to Cleveland was to go to the Titanic exhibit at the Science Center. Wow, it was amazing! So well done and well designed too! I never get tired of studying the Titanic. There was no photography allowed in the I have no pictures for you. Probably the coolest part was one part of the exhibit that showed which passengers were headed for the Northeast Ohio area. 

On another note...if you've visited my blog before, you'll notice it looks completely different! I've been planning a new site design for awhile and well, this isn't it. I'm still planning the other one. But, I was bored and I just decided to do this! Also, I'm finally feeling creative again! Anyways, I'm kinda like this at least I'm happy with it until my other new design is done :p

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