Thursday, September 12, 2013

Be Prepared

Dress - Monteau // Shoes - l.e.i. // Cardigan - New York & Company

Anytime someone says that I have an urge to sing the song from Lion King. Seriously, does anyone else do that? Or it is just me...

So I like to think of myself as a fairly organized person. But seriously, when it comes to weather--rain specifically--I am seriously never dressed right. I actually bothered to check the weather this time to see whether ( anyone read The Phantom Tollbooth?) where was I? Oh yes, um I checked the weather to see whether I should wear layers or not and too see how hot it was supposed to be. But for some reason I failed to see that it was going to rain. Now, apparently I left my rainboots at my parents house. But I still have plenty of other boots to wear. Since I didn't see this massive storm or even bother to listen to all the rain right outside the many windows in my house I wore flats. Not just any flats either. These particular flats apparently have a bit of a hole in the sole of the right shoe...I know this 'cause my right shoe was full of water by the time I'd made my way to the art building. And my left shoe was relatively dry...ish. Thankfully I had time to run home and switch shoes before my next class. And by that time it had stopped raining.

The awful thing is this is not the first time this has happened. And yet, I continue to make the same stupid mistake over and over again! Rainboots rain. Rainboots off...torrential downpour. People, I have actually worn rainboots on days with no rain. In my defense I actually checked the weather and there was supposed to be rain! I guess I'm just a dork :p

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