Friday, November 8, 2013

Mauve on Over

Shirt - Mossimo (Thrifted) // Skirt - GAP (Thrifted) // Tights - Mossimo // Shoes - Rocket Dog // Jacket - Delia*s

Yeah, I know. Nothing I'm wearing is mauve. The reference? My lipstick! I have not worn lipstick in years (balm stain, yes...lipstick, no) but one day I decided I wanted this color of lipstick. So I bought it. And well, I've worn it every day since! It's L'Oreal Saucy Mauve. And I kind of really love the color! It smells kind of weird though. Like it doesn't smell bad, it just smells like lipstick. And to me, that's never been a pleasant smell. I guess I've gotten used to it, but I don't know... we'll see!

Anyways, I'm really hoping I don't get sick again so I can focus more on blogging! (random subject change, i know) I've basically given up on not trying to get sick. No amount of hand sanitizer has kept me well this semester. Seriously, it's like the germs can infect me from 10 feet away!'s been a fun semester. (sarcasm) If one of my classmates is sick I have it the next day! And, well, there's always at least one sick person (besides me) in the classroom...and that's why I've basically given up. Except for the hand sanitizer. I will never give that up. I do not apologize for my love of clean hands. (It also works in a pinch if a certain feline decides to sneeze on my face in the middle of the night...)

Yeah, I don't even know what I originally wanted to write about, but I wanna get back to watching more Psych (Whaaaaaat?) and sleeping. So I'm gonna leave you with that lovely description of my various ailments throughout the semester. (Which, in reality, wasn't even that thorough. I could get several more blog posts out of this...) Anyways, what do y'all do to deal with colds and other nasty fall/winter ailments?

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