Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Girl Who Waited...

The Hungry Earth Outfit 1: Shirt - St. John's Bay // Shorts - Walmart // Tights - JCPenney // Boots - Unknown // Jacket - Delia's
The Vampires of Venice Outfit 2: Shirt - Mossimo // Belt - Nine & Co. // Skirt - Gander Mountain // Tights - Mossimo // Boots - Hotcakes // Jacket - Delia's // Scarf - Walmart
The Rebel Flesh Outfit 3: Shirt - a.n.a // Jeans - Old Navy // Boots - l.e.i. // Jacket - Forever21 

The girl who waited...an entire week to post. Well, I guess not an entire week, but it's been awhile. After I posted Paul's Halloween costume on my blog I was really looking forward to posting mine! Now, technically I only wore the first outfit this year, but I wanted pictures of the other two that I wore last year...and now I have all of my Amy Pond outfits together! I only went to one Halloween party this year :( because I was so sick the weekend before Halloween. Oh, and this is what I wore to school on Halloween, and I have one more picture to post of my other costume.

So, I don't know about you, but I just love Doctor Who! And Amy's outfit's are so fun! Seriously, she's why I own a bomber jacket. Yeah, Amy is probably my favorite companion. I could go on for awhile about how much I love Doctor Who...but I just realized I have one more assignment to do before tomorrow morning! Oops!

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