Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Erza Scarlet

Shirt - Merona  // Skirt - Gap (Thrifted) // Boots - Yoki // Bow - Pat Catan's Ribbon // Sword - Flea Market

I realize it's a wee bit late for a Halloween post, but I still had to show y'all my costume! I'm a huge fan of the anime Fairy Tail and I've always wanted to cosplay as the character Erza Scarlet. Aside from being a redhead, she's actually pretty awesome and usually wears a variety of armor. Since I don't actually own any armor (yet) I went with her street clothes. Believe it or not, I actually straightened my hair for this, but as soon as I put the hair dye in my hair just got all weird and sort-of-curly :p oh well! It was either straight and ginger or weirdly curly and red...it was for a Halloween party, so I'm glad I went with the red hair dye :p Anyways, if you haven't watched Fairy Tail...do it. It's great. And the subs are way better than the dubs, just so ya know.

Well, hope you had a great Halloween...two weeks ago, haha. I don't know about you, but I'm actually really excited about the holidays. I bought a bunch of candles and my house smells like pine needles now :) So, even though it's really early, I'm thinking I might put my Christmas tree up this weekend! Maybe it's because of the snow we had today, or maybe I'm just looking forward to Christmas break! Can't wait for the end of the semester!

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