Tuesday, May 21, 2013

California or Bust!

So I'm currently in Minnesota...the connecting flight to California is really delayed so I have time to spare. I finished writing when I got to the hotel. If this is your first time stopping by my blog, I left today for a short trip in California with my dad and my sister, Laura.

I got outfit pictures yesterday, but I put off packing until the very last minute possible and ending not being able to find the camera to upload the pictures. No worries, the camera is not technically lost, I just don't know where my mom put it after she used it. I'm disappointed though because the pictures turned out pretty amazing. And it involved me trying to avoid a heinous poison ivy patch that just happened to be in spectacular lighting.  Oh well, I'll post them when I get back!

Anyways, I literally did not pack until the last minute and I ended up getting zero sleep. And since my dad stayed up pretty late too I ended up driving my dad to work in the morning. Good thing too 'cause he slept the whole time and I was really wide awake. Weird, I know! But sometimes when I'm really sleep deprived, I'm more awake?  That didn't last long 'cause as soon as I got to Rockwell (where my dad works) I fell sleep in a really (not) comfortable chair for a couple of hours.

We made a quick stop at Walmart for some plane snacks, headphones, and ...a belt. Well, the flight from Cleveland to Minnesota (Honestly, I'm not positive what city...I'll check later. But I really don't feel like it now.) was pretty uneventful and actually left on time. Our next flight, however, keeps getting delayed more though. Hey, we'll get into Cali pretty late, but at least we had time to eat! We stopped at this awesome restaurant called Bonfire and I had bacon and blue cheese burger. Amazing. That's all I can say. It was just that good! And...now I'm just chillin' in the airport waiting to board the last plane.

I was done writing, but when I got back to the gate, it turns out that the plane was delayed yet again. And...there's a guy doing yoga in the corner. Yes, I'm serious. I would love to take a picture for you, but I would feel a little too much like a creeper! The plane's now supposed to leave in 15 minutes...so we'll see...

The flight ended up being delayed again and we got into San Francisco really late (like around 2 or 3 AM body time?). And for some reason we're in the handicap room in the Hampton Inn. It's very....weird because the coat rack is only two feet from the floor so my dresses and dad's shirts are all dragging on the floor. And the shower head is only about 4 feet high and only sprays straight out...so needless to say it's a little weird. The hotel doesn't appear to be that full so I don't get why we're in this room instead of someone who actually needs it... Oh well, the room's clean at least (except the air conditioning smells like foot?)! Anyways, that's basically it for Monday!
I call this the "she should not be wearing yoga pants" face

Waiting in the Cleveland airport

Finally on the plane...and I don't know how to explain this weird shift in the pictures. It's really bugging me, but I don't feel like trying to fix it 'cause I want to watch TV instead :p Hey, I'm on vacation! At least the pictures are all the same width.

At Bonfire. The bar in the background had this really cool mosaic and you can kind of see it behind their heads. The lighting in the pictures is really what the restaurant looked like. It was a really comfortable atmosphere. 

This pictures does not even begin to capture how amazing that sunset was!

Aaaaand the pictures are suddenly back to normal.

Laura loves these moving walkways. It makes her feel like a superhero.

Waiting for a rental car.

Shirt - Forever21 (Thrifted) // Cardigan - Mossimo (Thrifted) // Jacket - Forever21 // Shorts - Faded Glory // Tights - George // Shoes - Maurices // Sunglasses - Charlotte Russe (Except they're not in any pictures?)

Laura's wearing :  Shirt - Thrifted // Plaid Shirt - American Eagle (Thrifted) // Jeans - I'm guessing JCPenney's ('cause that tends to be where she gets her jeans...) // Shoes - Faded Glory // Sunglasses - Charlotte Russe

My dad's probly got thrifted stuff on :p

Well so far the trip has been awesome. Sorry for so many pictures! Read about my first trip here. Here's the link to my sister's blog. And here's the link (finally!) to the conference my dad's speaking at. And his bio. Well, thanks for reading and I hope y'all have a wonderful day!

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