Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chocolate Chip Day!!

Shirt - Faded Glory // Skirt - Old Navy // Socks - Target // Shoes - Yessica (Thrifted) // Belt - Thrifted

Today was National Chocolate Chip Day! Yes, seriously! A day dedicated entirely to the celebration of chocolate chips? Yes. My sister planned a party and had a bunch of her friends over. We had a great time and had a ton of chocolate chips! Everyone brought something either with chocolate chips or at least made out of chocolate and we had bowls and bowls of different flavors of chips for everyone to eat. If you read my last post and saw my half-hearted effort to bake banana bread before realizing we had no bananas....I actually ended up making the chocolate chip banana bread.

We were, in fact, out of bananas. But, my mom and I had to make a late night trip to Walmart to get some more stuff for the party. Believe or not, this is not when we ended up getting the bananas. No. We went again to Walmart because when we got home she realized we didn't buy pineapple juice for the punch so we had to go back. Now, this was especially annoying because we live 30 minutes from everything...and any of the close (expensive) small stores were closed at this time. So, off to Walmart again! This time we got the bananas pineapple juice. By this time it was after 11. So yeah, that took a long time. And 3 trips to Walmart in one day is pretty awful!

Speaking of knee high socks. Which we weren't, but now we are (isn't that a great way to completely change the subject of a conversation :p). I originally bought these socks to wear under boots in the winter, but I kept seeing other bloggers wearing them so I decided to try them with flats. I've actually already worn these shoes several times, but just not for outfit pictures. I got them thrifting...but I know it was a great buy 'cause I've worn them so much. Anyways, back to my original point. I really like the way these socks look! This is another thing that I've always wanted to try, but I wouldn't have done before starting my blog.

Well, it's getting closer to my California trip! Read about my first trip here! And make sure you're around next Monday for California posts! Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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