Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April Outfits

So these are all my outfits for April! It's weird to see how much my style has changed just since starting this blog! I'm much more comfortable with what I'm wearing though. I still have some outfits that I end up not liking the next day, but other than that I think I'm really liking where my style is going. I'm leaning towards dresses and skirts, plaids, scarves, and soft/gray colors, and lighter colors.

Outfits I really don't like - jeans and a gray T and jeans and a tank top

I actually have more outfits on here that I like that I thought I would. Anyways, here are my favorites...I think. I can't really decide! - jeans and pinstripe vest and toile skirt

Well, what are your favorites? Thanks for reading and I hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Oh and I did Bible reading and exercise today! Yeah...still on a role.


  1. I do just really like this idea of looking back at all of one's previous outfits, it's a great way to see what items do actually get worn. I think the jean/leather jacket is my favorite, I loved the photographs in that post! It was so mysterious feeling with the brick walls. :)