Friday, May 10, 2013

Last Day!

Dress - London Times (Thrifted) // Cardigan - New  York & Company (Thrifted) // Belt - JCPenney // Shoes - Faded Glory

Last day of classes...and I'm done! YEAH!!! I'm so ready for summer! Anyways, I had a great day that started out (way too early) with a breakfast with the Nav girls and ended with Iron Man 3! So all us Nav girls got together and brought different things for a huge breakfast with chocolate chip pancakes, potatoes, biscuits, bacon and sausage! Oh yeah... it was pretty awesome. I did my last final and well...that was boring but I did pretty well in the class. And I never have to go back to that class!!!! Ever!!! Let's just say that it was neither helpful nor enjoyable in any way....

I was just planning to head home and chill for the evening, but then one of my guy friends from Navs called and wanted to hang out. So we ended up watching some Cougar Town and a bunch of YouTube videos. Later we went with some of his house mates to see Iron Man 3! No spoilers here...but it was a pretty awesome movie! It was a last minute decision to go... so I didn't get to wear my Iron Man shirt :( Oh well...I guess I'll just have to go see it again just so I can wear the shirt! PS don't mind my Merida hair! I had it braided earlier and then I was in my pjs when I realized I still needed to take outfit pictures :p

Well, hope y'all have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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