Thursday, May 2, 2013

Crazy Hair

Dress - Nine & Co. (JcPenney) // Belt - Cotton On // Vest - Thrifted // Shoes - Montego Bay Club (Payless) // Rings - Thrifted // Nail Polish - Revlon Blue Slate // Nail Polish (Toes)- China Glaze Kinetic Candy // Balm Stain - Revlon Honey
Photos by R. Parker

Day two of no heat hair.... not sure what I think. I'm gonna let it go until the next time I need to wash it, but after that I'm not sure whether I'll go back to flat ironing it or not. And I feel like it makes my face look....weird. It's not like the flat ironing takes a lot of time. I just do about 3-5 minutes the first day and then occasional touch ups throughout the week. I feel like I spent more time this morning just trying to get my hair to curl in one stubborn spot than I do flat ironing my hair. It's frustrating when it curls so nicely in some places. But only some places...gosh my hair is weird.

Well today was the last day of most of my classes--only one more class tomorrow!! And I don't really have a whole lot of finals work to do, thank goodness! Finals week last semester was horrible! And I was not looking forward to pulling 7 all-nighters.... again. But, it looks like I have everything in order this semester. Yay! I'm so happy right now. One more week 'til summer break and it's finally warm!!! I'm really excited that next semester I will have all classes that relate to my major!

Oh, and I have wedges on today! Well, more importantly, sandals. I realized that this is the first time I've worn sandals this year! It was weird, but awesome at the same time! Yes, I did my bible reading and exercise today--I'm on a roll. And...I got distracted for awhile 'cause I had to google the origin of the phrase on a roll. Haha, I'm so easily distracted! Well, hope y'all have a splendid day--thanks for reading!

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  1. First off, I love this outfit. Secondly, I think your hair looks so pretty this way. I'm a curly-girl, so I'm a bit biased, but I think your natural waves are lovely.