Wednesday, May 22, 2013

King Crab

It was a rather slow day today. We slept in, Dad went late to the first day of the conference, and Laura and I stayed the hotel room and just chilled most of the day. Later Dad dropped me off at Target while he and Laura went running. They had an amazing clearance section! I found a great navy knit cardigan.

Even though we didn't really do much today, it was still really fun! We ate out at The Boiling Crab. I haven't really had crab before and I finally got to taste king crab. It's something I've always wanted to do, but my mom doesn't like seafood. So, I don't get to eat it at home and we never go out to get sea food. was pretty amazing! It's too bad it was so expensive 'cause it was really tasty. The restaurant was really fun as well. We had no plates or silverware--it was messy, but fun! They basically just threw everything on the table and we used our hands to eat it. We had to wear bibs to try to keep us clean and the table had a paper tablecloth so they could just scoop it up with all the trash. Anyways...if you live anywhere near a Boiling Crab, I really recommend that you go! Oh, we got to try some Calamari too. It was pretty awesome. But not as great as the king crab!
Yay for awesome pictures again. I didn't know if I'd get Laura to take a picture of my or not, so I just did an awesome mirror picture haha.

Isn't she adorable? I bought her these colored jeans. Finally! She kept saying she wouldn't wear them, but they look great on her :)

Laura's calamari that really looked like a Gandalf hat!

Shirt - Land's End (Thrifted) // Belt - Cato's (Came with a dress) // Skirt - Thrifted // Shoes - Faded Glory // Tights - George // Cardigan - New York and Company - Thrifted // Jacket - Thrifted

Laura :  Shirt - Hollister (Thrifted) // Pants - Thrifted (Levi's ....maybe?) // Shoes - Walmart // Jacket - Thrifted

I feel like there's so much going on in my outfit and it's another one that I would not have worn last year. But, I do love it. As it got colder I kept adding layers. First the cardigan, then the tights, and finally the jacket. I do like the outfit a lot more with the added layers. Funny, 'cause it's getting closer to summer and I want to wear more layers! You can't tell in the pictures, but the tights are polka dot. So there's a bit of mixed prints here as well. Oh, and sorry we're back to cell phone pix. My mom wanted the camera at home so I'm on cell phone again. I also don't have my tripod with me. Tomorrow Laura's supposed to get some good pix for her we'll see!

Well, thanks for reading! Read about my first trip here. Here's the link to my sister's blog. And here's the link (finally!) to the conference my dad's speaking at. And his bio. Well, I hope y'all have a wonderful day!

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